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teaching and assessment skills for lecturers and trainers

  " You only see it when you get it " - Johan Cruijff

Evelyn has written a book (in English and Dutch) on designing assignments for assessing students. The book provides practical answers to questions like these: how do I go about designing a complex assignment? What information needs to be included in the assignment that is given to students? How do I make a good assessment sheet or rubric? And how do I design an assignment that is suitable for group work?
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E van de Veen (drawing by Machteld Schouten)

Evelyn van de Veen provides training courses for lecturers and trainers. The courses are aimed at lecturers in Higher Education and at other professionals for whom teaching or training others is part of their work. She specialises in courses on assessment.

For example, in 2015 she gave a workshop on assessing using assignments at the annual SBO conference on assessment in Higher Education, and several training courses on assessment for lecturers in Higher Education. She also gave a workshop on how to design activating tutorial sessions for lecturers who teach academic skills.

Evelyn has written a book (in English and Dutch) on designing effective assignments for students. She enjoys writing a LinkedIn Post every now and again on education and assessment. Click here for more information.

How does Evelyn work?

  • Her training sessions provide many opportunities for participants to try out and practice new skills, so they can use them immediately in their own teaching.
  • Her way of working is concrete and practical, with an eye for detail.
  • She uses imaginative examples and activities aimed at grasping the essence of theoretical concepts.

Evelyn works with small groups, or with individuals. Each programme is tailor-made. She investigates in detail what would be of most use to her participants, and designs a fitting programme.