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teaching and assessment skills for lecturers and trainers

E van de Veen (drawing by Machteld Schouten)

Evelyn van de Veen provides training courses for lecturers and trainers in higher education. Occasionally she works for other organisations too. She specialises in courses on assessment, but she also trains lecturers in other aspects of teaching and learning. She likes teaching short workshops in which participants focus on one specific skill in assessment or teaching.

Book on assessment
Evelyn wrote a bilingual book (in Dutch and English) on how to design assignments. The book is widely used in higher education in the Netherlands. It is very practical and contains many examples and ready-to-use templates.

About Evelyn
Evelyn has been working as a trainer for more than fifteen years. She lived in the UK for ten years, which means she works and writes in English and Dutch with equal ease.

What does Evelyn do?
Assessment: delivering modules on assessment within University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) programmes, teaching short tailor-made workshops (for example on designing rubrics or on writing exam questions), facilitating team days on assessment.
Teaching skills: Evelyn can help you with practical workshops on teaching and she also does class observations.

Articles, etc
Every now and again Evelyn writes on assessment and other education issues in education-related journals and on LinkedIn.

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