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Evelyn van de Veen

E van de Veen (drawing by Machteld Schouten)

I love learning new things. And helping other people to do the same. I worked as a teacher and trainer in higher education for twenty years, and wrote a book about assessment. In 2020 I was forced to take a break and now I'm exploring new horizons at my leisure. Literally, with a backpack in Asia or Spain. And figuratively, behind my desk or as a student. I'm developing myself as a storyteller, and I also do some writing.
More about me...

Book on assessment
I wrote a bilingual book (in Dutch and English) on how to design assignments. The book is widely used in higher education in the Netherlands. It is very practical and contains many examples and ready-to-use templates.

I write occasionally about assessment and education in educational journals and on LinkedIn.

At primary school I already enjoyed giving presentations. Now I'm exploring the world of storytelling. I also do some writing, mainly on history, travel and where those two meet.

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