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The story of my life is full of movement: as a child I moved house often, as an adult I lived abroad (Great Britain) for a long time, and made several career switches. I started as a researcher in computer science, then became an English teacher, and developed into a teacher trainer. From 2013 I did this for my own company evandeveen. And I have always traveled a lot.

In 2020 that movement came to a standstill when I fell on my head during a run. I had a concussion, and I was already overstretched. Not a good combination and the beginning of a long recovery process. Almost three years passed before I could say 'I don’t feel limited anymore.' Now I’m starting to move again, but I'm taking it easy. If you're not in a hurry, everything is so much more fun.

If you have all the time in the world, what are you going to do? I find that very interesting to explore. For example, I spend more time on cooking and baking, but not on gardening. What I like especially is to learn new things and to really go for it. Spanish lessons, learning to swim butterfly stroke, studying the history of Spain in the Middle Ages. And telling stories, of course.

My home base is Amsterdam.


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Evelyn van de Veen

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