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Every now and again Evelyn writes on assessment and other education issues in education-related journals and on LinkedIn.

Evelyn writes both in Dutch and in English. For a complete overview in both languages please consult this page.

Articles in English are listed below.

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Switching to remote assessment in a hurry. Adapting tests to remote learning requires thought and effort. But... there's a lot that stays the same. It may help to bear that in mind when you are adapting tests in a hurry. (1 may 2020)

Even at Harvard, students don't read the book. Unless... How Harvard professor Eric Mazur uses assessment to get students to work. (27 november 2015)

Seriously? Advice for tricky teaching situations. (2 december 2014)

Evelyn has written a book (in English and Dutch) on designing assignments for assessing students. The book provides practical answers to questions like these: how do I go about designing a complex assignment? What information needs to be included in the assignment that is given to students? How do I make a good assessment sheet or rubric? And how do I design an assignment that is suitable for group work?
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Publisher: communicatiereeks.nl. ISBN 978-90-825499-0-4 (26 october 2016)


Evelyn is co-author of the chapter "Management educators are asleep at the wheel: Integrating the topic of sleep into management education." C. M. Barnes, M. E. Schouten & E. van de Veen
In the book: Work and Sleep. J. Barling, C. M. Barnes, E. Carleton & D. T. Wagner (Eds.) Oxford University Press: London. ISBN 9780190217662 (21 april 2016)

With Delft University of Technology Evelyn made this short video clip that uses an analogy to explain the principles of test analysis.
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