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Mezrab 30aug23

‘Have you always had that in you?’, someone asked when I announced my debut as a storyteller. Well, in primary school I once got a ten for a presentation. I had read a book and talked about it with so much enthusiasm that the class hung on my every word. So yes, I think I always had it in me. Bringing it out, that is quite a challenge but one I am very happy to work on.

30 September 2023. Evelyn tells a story (in Dutch) in the ZIMIHC theatre Wittevrouwen in Utrecht about "family". Details

16 September 2023. Evelyn tells a story (in Dutch) in the Hilversum public library about "My house, my home". Details

30 August 2023. Evelyn tells a story on "Open Stage Storytelling Night" in Mezrab, Amsterdam. Details

Mezrab 30aug23

Hilversum 16sep23

Writing stories


I also do some writing, mainly on history, travel and where those two meet.

Most current stories are in Dutch. See the Dutch website for a listing.

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